About the Brand

Distinguished surfaces have a name: Beroia. A ceramic tile and decoration brand distinguished on every level, Beroia can fit your project surfacing needs no matter the style, scale, or budget. Here’s why…

A Trademark of Trust

Beroia is owned and created by Hammada Group, a leading Aleppo-based construction industry supplier, global brand exclusive agent, and home solutions provider with 30 years of experience in the field. Backed by the Hammada Group trademark of trust, Beroia has been rapidly growing since its launch in 2012. It is present in European, Arab and Asian markets through its warehouses in Egypt, Spain, Italy and China. Beroia’s popularity is bringing it closer to its goal of being a regional industry pioneer and the optimum choice for the modern home. The brand complements Hammada Group’s other commercial operations and is integral to the Group’s target of expanding its global client base to reach new markets.

A Name of Rich Origins

Beroia is a brand with a story. “Beroia” is the ancient name for the Syrian city of Aleppo, thought to be so named in the 3rd century B.C. in reference to the birthplace of Alexander the Great’s father, the French city of “Bere”, meaning “magic” and “beauty”.

Another story attributes the name to Beroia’s white sand. A third story attributes the name to Al-Khalil Ibrahim (an Imam and ideal for good conduct) who stayed there and donated the milk from his sheep to the poor. Building on its authentic origins, Beroia brand aspires to an equally meaningful future.

Message From Management

From ”Selling Products” to ”Producing future ways of living” Taking new challenges based on a new management philosophy.


Willingness towards the enhancement of life style and Passionately strive to delight every customer of BEROIA by providing innovative and quality products and services on an ongoing basis and to become a most sought after brand..
Due to quality consistency and competitiveness, all our products are considered as most reliable in Middle East and abroad. More than 3 decades of experience in manufacturing modularizes is an added advantage.


Beroia decor is committed to providing technologically-advanced, aesthetically designed, high-strength, premium quality vitrified tiles that satisfy commercial as well residential customer needs in domestic and international markets.

Our Team

“Working with Beroia Decor is working with professional people. Some of our team’s qualifications.

– Executive Board: Our Executive Board members have earned their diplomas from leading business management institutes in the UK.

– Sales and Marketing Division: Our sales and marketing personnel have attended workshops targeting marketing and sales skills development and covering the latest customer service and customer care techniques.

– Customer Feedback Division: This newly established division records and responds to customer comments and periodically communicates with customers to update them on the company’s latest developments (special offers, special occasions, discounts, arrival of new merchandise).

– Customer Service Division: This division’s staff consists of technicians specialized in following up on product maintenance, repairing disorders, and solving any problems encountered by customers. The maintenance team is periodically sent to attend technical workshops in European and Chinese factories.

– Accounting & Financial Management Division: Division staff regularly attends accounting workshops and remains up-to-date on the latest field developments and accounting and financial management software.”